Movie Making

Diversity of Montenegro, its natural and cultural heritage, makes it one of the most attractive destination for video production in Europe.


Why Montenegro is one of the best destinations for video production in Europe?

Its diversity, beautiful nature, old towns from Venetian and Ottoman period, traditional villages, canyons, national parks, high mountains, largest lake in Balkan peninsula and of course beautiful beaches and cities on Adriatic coast is something that makes Montenegro unique.

Imagine having all of that in one the smallest countries in Europe, where you can for example be filming in old town on the shore and in the next 2 hours already film on the high mountain peaks on the altitude over 2000 meter.

Name any movie genre, and we will find a place in Montenegro to film it in.

One of the most important thing when you are choosing a place to make music video, commercial or movie, are your costs, and comparing to some other countries in Europe, not to mention USA, are significantly lower.

Our local video production partner will help you with all the question about production in Montenegro, and together, we will be here to welcome you and guide you through location.

We are offering following service:

  • Location scouting and management;
  • Arranging accommodation and meals for the crew on the set;
  • Transfers between locations, for entire crew and extras;
  • Film, video and television program production, distribution and exhibition;
  • Production services for film, TV and web including:
  1. Casting
  2. Film crew selection and enlistment (creative team and technical crew)
  3. Access to equipment provided by local and regional collaborators (camera, grips and rigs, sound equipment, lightning, studios)
  4. Access to local postproduction facilities in the region.


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