Ada Bojana - My Spiritual Place

Posted 08-Feb-2019 by Filip Čađenović

There are few places in the world that amaze me and where I would like to spend as much quality time as I can.

These places are defined by calmness, peace, satisfaction and incredible natural beauty.

I feel lucky enough to have such a place in my country, reachable by driving just 100 km from my hometown.

Ada Bojana

River Bojana is a natural boarder between two countries – Montenegro and Albania.
Here Bojana River delta creates island – Ada Bojana. Legend says it was formed by gathering river sand around a ship called “Merito” sunk at the mouth of Bojana River, but it is more likely to be a delta in formation.

The island belongs to Montenegro as part of the city of Ulcinj, and it’s situated on the very end of Velika Plaza (Long Beach), the biggest beach in Montenegro.

The whole area of Long Beach, River Bojana and Ada Bojana is something out of this world. The landscapes, nature surrounding the road that takes you to the sandy beach gives you the feeling that you are not in Eastern Europe. The combination of river and sea and the stunning sunset leaves a lasting impression.

As a Montenegrin, I am a frequent visitor of Ada Bojana and Long Beach, although my favourite time to visit is spring time during months of April and May.

During spring, this long beach is very calm and quiet, even spiritual. (Apart from 1st May - Labor Day, as it’s a popular holiday destination among young Montenegrins).

Ulcinj provides a great choice of accommodations. A few minutes drive away from Ada Bojana you`ll find some hotels.
Another choice would be renting a house with the terrace on the river with your friends or family. Camping is also an option or simply rent a room on the way to the beach.

For me, the best option is to rent a house on the river. It will give you the best experience of the entire area .

From here, path through the woods will take you to one of my favourite place in the world – the place where the river flows into the sea. The immeasurable sense of peace that I feel around it is an escape from the hyper-connected, over-stimulated state of modern day life, in favour of a rare moment of solitude.

In summer, Ada Bojana becomes a very popular destination, especially if you are a kite surf lover, then this is the place to be.

The northern part of Long Beach is the perfect part of the beach to kite surf.

Summer season is the best time to enjoy the pleasant wind which starts around early midday and blows until the sunset. It provides perfect conditions for kite surfing.

For every style there is a perfect place; shallow water for practice and learning tricks or one-meter breakers anything goes.

The best spot for ambitioned or professional kiters is located a bit further south. Here you`ll find rivers delta with shallow water conditions, sandy underground and no rocks or other barriers. This spot simply provides perfect conditions to improve your skills.

If you are swimming near kite clubs it’s not recommended to take a swim after 3 pm, and even in some of them, you are not allowed because how crowded with kite surfers it can get.

Even if you’re not a kite surfer you will enjoy these kite clubs, with good music and pleasant atmosphere.

Snacks are available almost everywhere on the beach. In the evenings you have a choice between the most beautiful restaurants or a barbecue on the beach.

Restaurants with the terrace on river Bojana are something that you need to experience. Especially when the sun goes down and all colors come to life. Here you can enjoy fresh fish in Mediterranean style and enjoy a glass of Montenegrin Chardonnay.

If you’re looking for the party in summer nights I would recommend some of the beach bars near the river - good music and night sky full of stars.

Sea, sand, sun, brilliant sunsets and dark night skies. Long Beach is a truly unique beach destination – a place to relax, far away from everyday routine. Find yourself a spot around campfire and enjoy the sound of sea crashing and the birds singing.

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